LiVo – Smart Home Control

LiVo – Home Control

Control your Apple HomeKit, openHAB and HomeMatic compatible smart home accessories.
Design and style your own smart home control app.

Where smart home meets creativity

Create your own smart home experience, individualize its design and make your smart home control easy and beautiful.

Apple HomeKit zones and rooms

LiVo reads out your existing Apple HomeKit configuration and builds a navigation to all your zones and rooms. The navigation is also supported for openHAB sitemaps and HomeMatic rooms and zones

Immediate control

Build your own today screen panel for immediate access to your most important smart home accessories.

One App for all your smart home accessories

LiVo is the only home control app you’ll ever need.


Use the LiVo to control all your smart home accessories within one app.


Control HomeKit actions, openHAB groups and more to activate even complex scenes by just one tap.


LiVo controls accessories featuring HomeKit technology, openHAB and more.


LiVo is fully customizable, create your own home control panels based on many available widgets.


Adapt LiVo’s appearance to your individual style. Modify colors, backgrounds and even the shape of widgets.


LiVo is connected to the iCloud and it is able to control your accessories through VPN.


LiVo is a universal app supporting either the iPhone or the iPad with an individualized user experience.


Stop switching between different apps for every single accessory. LiVo lets control you anything within one app.