LiVo – Home Control – HomeKit control and more

Supports Apple HomeKit and more

LiVo – Home Control creates a unique user experience for smart home and media accessories. LiVo’s unique and customizable user interface supports many different smart home concepts such as Apple HomeKit, openHAB and HomeMatic. With LiVo – Home Control you can individualize your own smart home user experience and therefore make your smart home control easy and beautiful!

Build your own UI

With LiVo’s integrated  editor, you will be able to build your own smart home user user interface. For that, LiVo’s editor offers a variety of widgets, like switches, buttons and sliders to control your smart home accessories. With the web viewer widget in particular, you will be able to integrate external web pages, such as a weather forecast, into your smart home remote.

Build your own smart home user interface including switches, sliders and more as well as a web viewer to include any web site in your visualization.While offering as much flexibility as possible, LiVo’s smart assistant functions helps you building your individualized user interface. LiVo creates a complete navigation through your rooms, based on your existing setup. As a result you will be able to immediately start using LiVo without any configuration effort. Once you switch it into the user mode, LiVo – Home Control hides all the configuration settings from your smart home remote users. This is almost like building your own smart home app without any programming knowledge.

LiVo is a universal smart home app for the iPhone and the iPad supporting Apple HomeKit accessories, the openHAB automation server and the eQ-3 HomeMatic CCU2.

In addition to its widgets, LiVo – Home Control offers fully customizable stylesheets. Here you will be able to define colors, frames, fonts and even the shapes of the included widgets and select pictures from the iOS photo gallery as backgrounds. Adapt LiVo – Home Control to your own taste.

Smart home accessories

LiVo supports the following accessories:

  • Apple HomeKit compatible accessories
  • openHAB server
  • HomeMatic CCU2

We will extend LiVo’s functionality in future releases by providing additional widgets and support for more devices and protocols.

LiVo is free and upgradeable to the full version via in-app purchase.

FeatureLiVo - freeLiVo - Designer (in app purchase)
Apple HomeKit supportcheck_yes_64check_yes_64
Support of Apple HomeKit scenescheck_yes_64check_yes_64
openHAB server supportcheck_yes_64check_yes_64
HomeMatic CCU2 supportcheck_yes_64check_yes_64
Panels availablemax. 3 panelsunlimited
Navigationlimited to 3 groups per panelunlimited
Customizable stylesheetscheck_yes_64check_yes_64
Today extensioncheck_yes_64check_yes_64
Web viewer widgetcheck_no_64check_yes_64
Database backup and restorecheck_no_64check_yes_64