LiVo 2.2 – What’s new


LiVo 2.2 adds an extension widget for your today view on the iPhone or the iPad. Within the LiVo settings you can select a custom panel to show on the today view.  Sliders, Color Light, Scene Controller, Navigation Tile and Status Selection widgets are not supported within the extension widget due to restrictions of the corresponding user interface.

The extension widget allows to control your smart home even faster, without having to unlock your device first. Make sure you use this feature within your local network only by disconnecting from a VPN session when your device is locked.

iCloudDrive_BackupLiVo 2.2 can provide a full data backup to iCloud Drive. With that it is very easy to transfer a configuration with all devices, panels and stylesheets from one device to another.

The dynamic panel editor was enhanced to allow reordering of widget groups in addition to the already available reordering of widgets within a section.

A long press on the home button in LiVo’s main menu now switches between user and authoring mode. With that it will be even easier to apply changes on your configuration.

Again we did a lot to improve the user experience of LiVo. We improved the panel editor, added a few new icons and fixed a issue that caused Apple HomeKit accessories not to connect immediately to LiVo when assigned to an home.

LiVo is available as a freemium app. The ad supported version with a slightly reduced functionality (limited number of panels and limited room navigation) can be upgraded via in-app purchase to the full version without any restrictions.

Update to LiVo 2.2 is free of charge for all LiVo users, so give it a try.