What is …

What is ctrl-h Priorities

ctrl-h Priorities is a task manager which gives you the proper framework for easily sorting incoming requests into the right category and deciding as the tasks drop in wether they need your personal attention or not.

ctrl-h Priorities Overview

Following Eisenhower’s methodology (explain) ctrl-h Priorities offers four categories plus one additional for sorting in tasks as they drop in:

  1. High Priorities: The high priorities category helps you sorting in the tasks which are really urgent and important. These tasks needs your dedicated attention right now. Take care not sorting too many of these into this category. Your time resources are limited, remember!

  2. Scheduled: Most of the events occurring doesn’t really require your full attention right now. Think about scheduling a time slot in the near future for those. ctrl-h Priorities helps you defining a due date and remembers you via notifications that there’s still something to do. Keep your mind free!

  3. Delegated: Does a task really require your personal attention? May be there’s something a colleague, a friend or may be your family can help and take over. As they may be urgent and require a recall, just schedule a notification, just to be sure!

  4. Postponed: One shouldn’t say not important at all but, as of your experience there won’t be a lack of high priorities, just think about a little bit, if this is a task which really enables you to achieve something important, may be it is just a “filler” to spend time on, when nothing else requires your attention.

The additional category is the backlog. An email drops in during a call or you just get a list of things to do without any advise or evidence for its priority, may be you need to discuss further before really deciding to which quadrant it belongs. Put it on the backlog and decide later. In order not to forget, ctrl-h Priorities gives you an hint how many tasks are backlogged.

ctrl-h Priorities is designed to work like with a simple sheet of paper. Tap on an empty space in the categories to add a new task and provide additional information, pictures or schedule a date only when it is really required. Keep track of your work in progress and easily record the effort if required or just mark it as completed with a simple swipe and tap.


Sort your tasks depending on their priorities and urgency immediately when they are dropping into your daily business.

Add pictures of your flip chart or white board or whatever you need to complete your work.

Keep track of your efforts in completing your tasks.

ctrl-h Priorities is iCloud® enabled. Install the app on all your devices and keep track of your work on the iPhone as well. You only need to buy it once (per AppStore account)!

ctrl-h Priorities is a universal app providing an optimized user experience on each device


Four plus one categories (high priorities, scheduled, delegated, postponed and backlogged) to sort incoming tasks into.

Notes, due dates and pictures can be added to each task.

Duration tracking and evaluation view on the completed tasks.

Clear and crisp interface making use of simple tap and drag gestures to modify, check and re-categorize tasks.

® iCloud is a registered trademark by Apple Inc.