Accessory Management

The “Accessory Management” view is the place where you will be able to see all your connected accessories, get information about them, assign them to homes and rooms and manage their settings (where applicable).

Once you navigate to the “Accessory Management” view, LiVo starts searching for new accessories. As the HomeKit framework supports the automatic discovery of accessories, you will see new accessories appearing on the list automatically, once they have been discovered. This could take a second or two depending on the quality of the connection. If an accessory doesn’t appear, it could be blocked. Please check the accessory vendors documentation on how to handle connection problems.

Already paired accessories will be shown in the corresponding section of the list. If they are  assigned to a room already, the section header will show home and room name accordingly.

Some accessories provide an identification feature, you can tap on the “Identify” button in the accessory detail view to trigger the identification feature of the accessories. Probably an LED will flash up or the accessory will provide some other feedback to let you know that it received an identification request.

As the discovery process is energy consuming due to the continuous network and bluetooth communication required, once you leave the “Accessory Management” view, LiVo stops searching for new accessories. If you experience problems detecting new accessories, tap on the refresh button on top of the accessory list, this should restart the discovery process.

Assign accessory to home

In order to use accessories within your own designed panels you will have to assign them to an home. Select “Assign to home” on the accessories detail view on the right to assign an unassigned accessory.

Dynamic Panels and room assignment

In order to show accessory services in “Dynamic Panels” you will have to assign the related accessories to rooms previously defined in the “Home Management” view or in a different HomeKit app.

Select “Assign to room” in order to assign the selected accessory to a previously defined room. You will be able to assign an accessory to a different room if required, simply by selecting “Assign to room” again and re-assigning it to a different room.

Add non HomeKit accessories

Besides Apple’s HomeKit framework, LiVo supports additional standards (currently openHAB) and will support more standards in future versions.

To add a non HomeKit accessory such as the openHAB server, tap on the + button. LiVo will show a list of supported communication standards where you can select the type of accessory you would like to add.

When you select an accessory, LiVo shows the corresponding accessory specific settings view. Settings may vary depending on the accessory you are configuring.