Backup & Restore

LiVo supports backup of its complete database to iCloud Drive. The backup and restore functions are located within the LiVo settings view.  To backup your database select settings from LiVo’s main menu and scroll down to the Backup & Restore section if required.

Once you’ve tapped on „Backup all data“, LiVo opens a common iCloud Drive view. Navigate into the folder where you want your backup to be stored and tap on „Export to this location“ to confirm your selection. LiVo immediately starts to backup your data, which can take a few seconds, depending on your configuration. Please make sure, that you enabled iCloud Drive for LiVo in your iOS settings before starting your first backup. If iCloud Drive access is not enabled for LiVo, the iCloud Drive view shows an option to enable access to LiVo. You may navigate directly to the iOS settings from here to activate iCloud Drive. You may have to terminate and restart LiVo in this case, in order to access iCloud Drive. Please note, that it could take a few minutes, before all iCloud Drive data is synchronized to your device, so you may not see folders that you previously created. Just wait a minute or two and try again or keep the view open until you start seeing the first synchronized files and folders. The backup is automatically stored into a subfolder, the nomenclature will be „CHHomeMedia_DATETIME/CHHomeMedia_DATE.sqlite“ to easily identify the backup. You may rename the backup and move it to another folder at any time.

Restoring a backup is as easy as creating one in LiVo. Tap on „Restore data“ to open a view showing all the available files on your iCloud Drive. Now navigate to the folder containing your backup and select the corresponding file. Note that it could take a while before a file is available on iCloud Drive, depending on the synchronization of your device.

Restoring a backup can take a while depending on your data, as the size of a backup can easily reach 20-30MB depending on your configuration.  As long as the activity indicator is showing, LiVo is loading the data from the backup. Once the process is completed, LiVo will automatically reinitialize all its connections to accessories restored from the backup.

You can use a backup to quickly transfer configurations between different devices. In case of Apple HomeKit compatible accessories, make sure that the device has access to Apple HomeKit and the related accessories otherwise their assignments will be deleted from your database after the restoring and synchronization process.

LiVo basically performs a complete restart procedure after data has been restored. Nevertheless there could be situations where the app seems not to work properly after restoring data. You should terminate LiVo in iOS task manager and restart the app in this case to make sure that inconsistencies are cleaned up.