Common Functions

In many views of LiVo you will find a top menu bar with some buttons on it. Tap on the help   button to show an online help for the current view. Tap again to hide the help tags.

Data management functions of LiVo were implemented according to the most common app style guides. Whenever it is possible to edit information you will see an “Add” and “Edit” button on the bottom of a list. You will also be able to edit detailed information or to delete entries  by  swiping left on the corresponding list item and tapping either on the “Delete” or “Information”   button.

Data in text fields is saved whenever you type the “Return” key or when the text field looses focus (for example when you tap on the “Home” button).

Sometimes there are different ways to access the same function (for example a + button on the menu bar and an “Add …” cell in a collection view).

Whenever you have to select specific values, for example to assign a value to a characteristic, LiVo provides a specific user interface for it (selectors, check boxes, steppers or text boxes). All type specific information is read from the accessory specifications to provide the best possible user guidance. If no specifications are available, you will have to enter values within a text field. Use digit points or comma according to your own localization settings in order that LiVo can transform the values to the internal data types accordingly.

LiVo supports a variety of accessories relying on Apple’s HomeKit specifications. Nevertheless there could be accessories providing additional functions outside of the standard functionality. Pls. let us know, if you are missing specific accessory functions within LiVo. We would try our best to get the specifications from the accessory vendors in order to provide a better support for them within LiVo.

We tried to give you the best user experience and accessibility to any LiVo feature. Nevertheless if you experience some flaws, let us know. We will be happy to continuously improve LiVo’s user experience after your advise.