Extension Widget

With LiVo any custom panel  can be used as an extension widget within the device „Today“ view. To select a custom panel to be shown on LiVo’s extension widget go to LiVo’s settings and in the „Today Widget“ section select the corresponding panel.

Remember to set the height of the widget (in base size units, that means multiples of the base size defined within the stylesheet used in your custom panel). To show the extension you will have to add the widget to your today view.

There are some restrictions when using a custom panel within LiVo’s extension: in order to better fit to the general style of iOS extensions and to save memory, the panel doesn’t show any background picture or color. In addition to this, some widgets cannot be used within the extension due to restrictions of the user interface of an extension. The following widgets are not allowed within an extension, LiVo will show a message instead:

  • Sliders
  • Knobs
  • Color Light
  • Scene Controller
  • Navigation Tile
  • Status Selection

Extensions can easily run out of memory due to some iOS restrictions. If you notice problems showing LiVo’s extension on your today view, please start with a reduced set of widgets within your panel. Also check if everything connects well within the LiVo app, before trying to find the issue within the extension.

Security Advice: As you may use LiVo’s extension without having to start the app or even having to unlock your device, it can facilitate immediate access to the most important functions of your smart home. Nevertheless make sure that you don’t leave your device unattended while you are not in your house and potentially have an open VPN connection to your local network.