LiVo for HomeMatic

Support of the eQ3 HomeMatic system was added in Version 2.1 of LiVo. The communication with the HomeMatic CCU2 sits on top of the logical layer (ReGa) and is based on the JSON API to provide full support for rooms defined within the Web UI.
Once a HomeMatic accessory is configured, LiVo starts a synchronization with the CCU. This can take 10-20 seconds depending on the complexity of your configuration. LiVo’s dynamic panel feature supports the rooms provided by the CCU. LiVo doesn’t support zones currently.
To configure a HomeMatic CCU tap on the + button in the accessory management view and select the HomeMatic device support. You will now have to enter the URL of the CCU and a login and password for a CCU user with administrative privileges.
Once you have assigned the accessory to a home, LiVo will connect to the HomeMatic CCU at the given URL and start authenticating. The current communication status will be reported within the accessory detail view.
You can re-trigger a synchronization or clean up and rebuild all widgets for a dynamic panel by tapping on the corresponding button in the detailed view of the HomeMatic accessory. This shouldn’t be required normally as LiVo automatically synchronizes keeping all your previous settings at start-up.
Once the synchronization is completed you can create a dynamic panel and see all rooms defined within the HomeMatic CCU. Selecting a room shows the widgets, which were automatically built out of your HomeMatic configuration. Device channels are represented by sections within the dynamic panel view. Each relevant data point is represented by a widget. In some cases multiple data points are handled by one multifunctional widget, for example in the case of a blind actor were “Up/Down” and “Stop” are handled within one blind widget in LiVo.
Pls. let us know if you notice some missing functionality within the HomeMatic support of LiVo. As the accessory portfolio is quite large, we hardly were able to test all possible devices and combinations. Also have a look at the HomeMatic Forum ( if you need further help.